Pike Township Neighborhood Liaison

Karen Lightbourne is Pike’s Neighborhood Liaison of the Northwest Outer Region.

Karen’s community hours are;

Salvation Army Community Center – 44th and High School Road

Pike Library – 6525 Zionsville Road

Please stop by to share your concerns or just stop by to say hello.

Non-Profit Pike Roundtable!

The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 10am at the Pike YMCA 7114 Lakeview Pkwy West (near 71st and Zionsville Road) If you lead a non-profit, volunteer at a non-profit or are just interested in the non-profit community in Pike, please come out! This will be a great time to network, collaborate, learn from and increase the visibility of the non-profit community in Pike!

Introducing –2012 Leaf Collection Program

This year’s leaf collection program will begin on November 5 and run until November 30. Below you will find some info about the program. Thanks



Leaf Collection
The Department of Public Works conducts the annual Leaf Collection Program to help our citizens dispose of the large number of leaves each fall. This program helps your Indianapolis/Marion County environment by turning the leaves into useable compost, offered free to citizens, to help strengthen and beautify lawns and gardens county-wide.

Open burning of leaves is illegal in Indianapolis/Marion County.

Indy Rezone Invites Public Input and Ideas

How do we make Indy’s favorite places the rule, rather than the exception?

INDIANAPOLIS – Have you ever wondered why some neighborhoods are better at attracting residents and businesses than others? Are there changes that we should make today that would improve the connections between neighborhoods and the places where people work and shop? How should the City balance the need for economic development and job creation with drinking water protection, stormwater management and flood protection? Zoning and development regulations impact your world every day; the Indy Rezone team needs your input about how we should change! Share what’s working and what is not and any ideas, suggestions or comments about how Indy should development in the future of finite resources.

Join your neighbors, employers, city officials, and technical experts at the first set of public listening sessions. After a brief introduction to the project, we will ask for your input on a series of questions meant to foster meaningful dialogue between residents, business owners, community leaders and decision makers about how to make Indianapolis more sustainable, livable and adaptable. Join us at one of the following sessions or visit us online:

North Central High School
Wednesday, October 10, 2012
5:00PM – 8:00PM

University of Indianapolis
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
5:00PM – 8:00PM

Indy Rezone, the latest effort to realize Mayor Ballard’s goal to make Indianapolis one of the most sustainable cities in the Midwest, aims to update local ordinances, and development regulations to improve Indy residents’ quality of life. Public listening sessions are just one of the many ways that citizens can express how they would like their communities to look and function in the future. Everyone is invited to participate in-person and on-line, now and throughout the entire process. More Information can be found on the Project Website: www.indyrezone.org

Pike Grad & Olympic Athlete

Show your support for Pike Grad & Olympic Athlete Amber Campbell by visiting her at the McDonalds on 56th & Georgetown this Friday, July 27th, from 5 to 8 p.m. Amber, who extended a special invitation to the members of her Pike Township Family via Twitter (@PikeSchools), will be signing autographs, taking pictures, and hanging out!

Great Indy Clean-up April 7th

KIB’s Great Indy Cleanup is an anti-litter program designed to combat heavy litter and debris that has accumulated in public spaces such as streets, alleys, greenspaces and waterways. The 2012 Great Indy Cleanup program includes a citywide effort in the month of April.

The Great Indy Cleanup program runs weekends from April through October, and helps neighborhood and/or community based organizations remove litter and debris from areas in and around their community. Dumpsters are available as well as trash bags and gloves while supplies last. Community groups may sign up for up to two cleanups per year. These are weekend cleanups only and should focus on litter and illegal dumping in streets, alleys and vacant lots. Please remember, the dumpster provided is not for personal use (cleaning out garages, basements, homeowner association property, etc.) or the personal use of volunteers/neighbors. Disposal of the collected trash is donated by South Side Landfill, and is intended for cleanup of public spaces only. Failure to comply jeopardizes the neighborhood’s ability to benefit from these donated resources in the future.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Great Indy Cleanup
Click HERE for Flyer