City Seeking Feedback on Solid Waste Services

As the Indianapolis Department of Public Works (Indy DPW) negotiates solid waste contracts that would go into effect in 2026, the department has launched a community questionnaire to gather resident feedback from Marion County residents.

“As we negotiate new contracts for the first time in many years, we wanted to make sure we have a full understanding of where our residents are when it comes to solid waste collection in our city,” said Indy DPW Director Brandon Herget. “We want to make sure we get the best deal for our residents, while also making sure we have satisfied customers.”

Currently, weekly curbside solid waste collection is handled by three different providers (Indy DPW, WM, and Republic Services). Subscription curbside recycling is available, as well as at community drop-off locations . Currently, subscription recycling is paid separately from the solid waste user fee and cost is location dependent. Curbside compost collection is also available in some locations via private companies. Contracts being negotiated include all disposal, hauling, and processing contracts – including fall leaf collection, electronics, heavy trash, and hazardous waste.

New or altered service will begin on or after January 1, 2026.

Indianapolis-Marion County residents can take the questionnaire here. Community members are encouraged to share this opportunity for feedback with their neighbors, family, and friends who live within Marion County.

We Had A Visitor At Our April Meeting

Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, Dr. Larry Young, Superintendent, did a presentation on the school referendum which will be on the May 7th primary ballot.


Shall the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, Marion County, Indiana, increase property taxes paid to schools by homeowners and businesses for eight (8) years immediately following the holding of the referendum for the purpose of funding the Pike Township School’s Funding Sustainability initiative, which includes funding loss learning enhancement programming and staff recruitment, teacher and staff retention and recruitment efforts, professional development opportunities for staff, and enhanced school safety and security programs and projects? If this public question is approved by the voters, the average property tax paid to schools per year on a residence would increase by 36.4% and the average property tax paid to schools per year on a business property would increase by 31.4%. The most recent property tax referendum proposed by the school corporation was held in 2010 and passed.

Traders Point Area Residents

From Susan Blair – President of Pike Township Residents Association

in the event you aren’t aware, the developers of the Crossing at Traders Point (former Ropkey/Beeler properties) withdrew the rezone petition. The properties remain zoned D-A, D-1 and D-2 (residential dwelling districts). The official withdrawal was received this morning.(10/10/2023)