Help IPL Keeep The Lights On

Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) has undertaken a community awareness initiative called “Keep the Lights On” to identify street lights with problems, and get those problems corrected.

IPL counts on assistance from the public to let them know where there’s a light that:

Is not lighting at night
Is burning during daylight hours
Has equipment defects, like a lens that’s loose and hanging, or a plate that’s come off the light pole.

There are two convenient, simple ways to report a street light with problems:

Call IPL’s “Lights Out Day or Night” number, 261-8111, and let them know the location of the light …
– or –
Visit Outages for an online form where you can report a street light problem.

IPL has a handy brochure about reporting street light problems that it would like to share with customers via neighborhood organizations.

If your organization would like IPL to send you some of these brochures, contact Matthew McCardle, IPL’s community relations manager, at, with a contact name and address where you would like the brochures sent.

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