Pike Township Residents Association (PTRA) – February 12 @ 7:00pm

The Pike Township Residents Association (PTRA) received notice that the old farm property at the corner of 79th & Marsh Road, adjacent to Normandy Farms (7802 Marsh Road) has filed a request to rezone 15.052 acres at the southwest corner. They are requesting a rezone from D-1 (Dwelling-1 unit per acre) to D-A (Dwelling-Agricultural). This request proposes to utilize this property for agricultural activities, particularly the growing of hemp. The existing D-1 zoning classification does not permit farming, which is why the rezone to D-A is requested.

If you are interested in or have concerns about what has been happening at the old farm at the corner of 79th & Marsh Road please plan to attend the PTRA meeting on February 12 @ 7:00pm at Pike Township Government Center located at 5665 Lafayette Road.

Thank you,
Pike Township Residents Association, Inc.

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