New Plan

The Crossing At Traders Point, (former Ropkey/Beeler properties and now owed by Kite) now has a new plan for developing the property. It is currently being purchased by Cornerstone Companies, Inc. and GCG Investments, LLC contingent on zoning which was approved by the city on July 27th. Pike Township Residents Association Board was opposed to this project. All of the neighbors around this property were also opposed. PTRA has appealed this decision and it will be decided on August 17th. This 200-acre property sits on the southwest quadrant of I465 and 86th Street. The plan has been updated several times. This is the most current. It was distributed last night at a meeting with the developers and neighbors. It was a standing-only crowd at the meeting last night with about 200 people present.

For a PDF copy of the map click here

Suprise Visit

Last night at our monthly PTRA meeting we had a surprise visit from Indianapolis Mayor Hogsett. It was completely unexpected and Board members and attendees were surprised. President of PTRA Susan Blair is in the background.

Standing Room Only

Last night at the Pike Township Government Center it was a full house. About 150 residents from the surrounding area of the old Ropkey 200 acres just west of 465 on 86th Street attended a presentation by Cornerstone Companies, Johnson County’s GCG Investments, and Murry Clark (their land use attorney) on what they have proposed for the land. Click here for a Master plan.

Most likely this will continue on through the summer before it gets finalized. The presenters did not have a lot of detail being in their first stages. They took questions for about 2 hours from the audience. Councillor Leroy Robinson was there trying to organize homeowner association meetings.

The mood of most of the crowd was that they did not want this project because of environmental reasons, water runoff reasons, buffering, traffic, and depreciation of neighborhoods.