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Current Week Construction Projects – PIKE TOWNSHIP

The 38th Street project from I-465 to I-65 extends into Pike Township. Please see the project details under Wayne Township.

Michigan Road from 76th Street to Double Tree Boulevard may have restrictions as storm sewer work and the creation of a pedestrian trail is underway.

Construction is underway on Georgetown Road from 30th Street to 38th Street.

Replacement of the bridge deck and railing on the 56th Street bridge over Eagle Creek has begun. Two-way traffic is being maintained in the eastbound lanes over the bridge. A partial road closure is in place on 56th Street from Dandy Trail to the Eagle Creek Golf Course.

Milling and resurfacing will begin on Lafayette Road from Michigan Street to 10th Street and will have moving restrictions as construction of bike lanes is underway. Concrete work and widening will continue from 38th Street to 71st Street.

Some restrictions may be in place as work is underway on a pedestrian trail on Michigan Road from Kessler Boulevard to 75th Street. This project also extends into Washington Township.

Resurfacing work is underway on Inland Drive from Eagle Creek Parkway to West 46th Street.

Resurfacing work is underway on Eagle Creek Parkway from 38th Street to 46th Street.

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