Have a question about your Property Tax?


1. According to Marion County Assessor Joe O’Connor, the better way to address any questions about a resident’s reassessment is for the resident to call the general number for the Assessor’s office (317-327-4907) or to stop in at one of the Assessor’s satellite locations, as listed below. All locations are open 8:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday.

City – County Building
200 E Washington St
Suite 1360
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Fax: 317-327-4639

951 E 86th St
Suite 110
Indianapolis, IN 46240-1846
Fax: 317-327-7048

7363 E 21st St
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Fax: 317-327-8887

351 N Transfer Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46214
Fax: 317-273-4140

5226 Elmwood Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Fax: 317-327-4186

2. If there are obvious mistakes with the assessment, they can be corrected at the discretion of personnel of the Assessor’s Office without a formal appeal.

3. If an appeal is still desired, the deadline to file the Form 11, which was included with the notice, requesting that appeal of the assessment is 45 days from receipt of that reassessment notice.

4. Indiana law does not set a maximum percentage increase or decrease for a change in assessment as a result of a mandated statewide general reassessment.

5. If a resident does wish to appeal the assessment of their property, it will be incumbent upon them to provide proof as to why the assessment is incorrect as part of the appeal of that assessment.

6. The reassessments will impact the property tax bill that will be due and payable in 2013.

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