DCE Becomes DBNS, IACC becomes IACS


INDIANAPOLIS – The Department of Code Enforcement (DCE), the City’s primary civil code enforcement and regulatory department, unveils a new name, The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS).

The City-County Council approved the new name on July 18. The ordinance not only introduces a new departmental title, but also restructures the department with the aim to dismantle bureaucratic silos and create a more user friendly structure. The name ‘Department of Business and Neighborhood Services’ was adopted to be more reflective of the department’s purpose and what it offers to the City of Indianapolis landscape.

“The rebranding of DCE to the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services was widely supported and recognizes that what we collectively do goes well beyond enforcement,” said BNS director, Jason Larrison. “Adopting an identity that embodies our core competencies and mission better communicates to citizens what we do and how we may serve them.”

The restructuring of departmental services within BNS will better align programs to increase efficiency. For instance, contractors needing assistance with project developments will now see a more streamlined process from first applying for a permit to the final review by building inspectors. Modernizing the structure will make services much more effective for businesses and contractors.

BNS maintains its commitment to enforce the City-County Code of Ordinances, and the department will continue to ramp up outreach efforts that will help to educate property owners and community organizations on code compliance. The hope is that future offenses will decrease and quality of life will improve.

The restructuring of the department also places Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) under the guidance of BNS, rebranding the division as Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS). The renaming of Indianapolis Animal Care Services is part of the effort IACS is making to focus more on adoptions and education efforts, both of which can make a huge impact on the City’s quality of life.

The introduction of the new department also reinforces Mayor Joe Hogsett’s commitment to improve City resources by more effectively addressing citizen and neighborhood concerns while minimizing costs to taxpayers.

In the coming weeks, citizens will begin to see BNS as the new official title of the department, and staff will begin engaging citizens under the new name and vision. “As we move forward, we will continue and expand upon our initiatives of outreach, education, and engagement. We hope people will begin to view BNS as an example of what a local government department can be for developing healthy communities,” stated director Larrison.

BNS will hold a State of the Department open house for the public and media to speak with the director, division deputy directors, and leadership staff on Wednesday, September 7 at The Platform.

Who: Department of Business and Neighborhood Services

What: State of the Department

When: Wednesday, September 7 at 5:30pm

Where: The Platform, 202 East Market Street

For additional information about the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services, please visit www.indy.gov/dce.

The mission of the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS) is to improve the quality of life in the City of Indianapolis and protect the welfare of persons and animals through: outreach to, education of, and engagement with citizens, businesses, and visitors; creative and strategic application of codes and regulations; sensible, effective, and efficient practice of licensing, permitting, inspection, enforcement, and abatement services; and encourage appropriate use, care, and operation of properties, businesses, events, and animals.

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